The Nordic Medical Clinic: Changing the Philippine PEME Landscape – One Seafarer at a Time

Photo: Dr. Christian Angelo ‘Didoy’ Lubaton (left) – NMC Holistic Care Medical Director

As OSM Philippines’ partner in Manila, the Nordic Medical Clinic (NMC) is a pre-employment clinic for seafarers that is committed to provide top quality employment medical services and promote holistic health education for our clients and partners. This mission is fueled by its vision of healthy and health-empowered people leading to the success of the family, society, and our customers. It stands by one of its core values: ‘Malasakit’ (Care) that aims to bring back the Care to healthcare by providing a unique experience for seafarers through its Health and Wellness program.

NMC’s Health and Wellness program is a holistic approach that does not only test seafarer’s health prior boarding. It also teaches the seafarer to take care of themselves onboard for continuous employment, and of course, to spend more quality time with family while on vacation. NMC offers:
• Learning access to NMC Health App during seafarer’s PEME
• Free follow-up counselling with NMC doctors to discuss PEME results
• No extra cost on 1st repeat tests
• Free health education and wellness seminars with topics such as stress management and mental health
• Availability of medical evaluation within 24 hours including real-time online update on status of PEME

NMC can provide PEME for Petronas Offshore, Oil&Gas UK, Skuld and the American Club as well as the following Flag States:
• Bahamas
• Barbados
• Cyprus
• Denmark
• Finland
• France
• Gibraltar
• Greece
• Hong Kong
• Isle of Man
• Liberia
• Malta
• Marshall Island
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Panama
• Portugal
• Seychelles
• Singapore
• St. Kitts and Nevis
• St. Vincent

On taking the lead in teaching a healthier lifestyle, maintaining the integrity of PEME results and understanding the needs of its customers, Nordic Medical Clinic offers an evolution in the Maritime health industry — one seafarer at a time.

To know more about Nordic Medical Clinic and its Health and Wellness program, email them at