Smart Maritime Council Meeting

We are excited to host the final Smart Maritime Council of the year at our new Singapore offices on the 27th of November. We will be discussing several key industry topics including current state of digitalization in maritime; harnessing technology for sustainability; Beyond maritime – how to promote better integration between maritime, the logistics chain and other stakeholders in cargo transportation! Some of the findings from this Smart Maritime Council Meeting will be shared during the Smart Maritime Network Conference the next day on 28 November – and this conference is open for attendance.

What is the Smart Maritime Network?

The Smart Maritime Network was launched in January 2019 and their goal is to show the benefits of collaboration in technology, via news, conferences and through the Smart Maritime Council.They host 4 events a year, the past Smart Maritime Network conferences were held in Athens, Tokyo and Copenhagen.

During these strategic meetings the council discusses ways to change the narrative around interoperability, standardization and harmonization in the maritime industry and the wider transport infrastructure. The founding members include companies such as NYK, Wallem, Stolt, OSM, Inmarsat, ABB, Wartsila, Kongsberg, Dell, Intellian, KVH, and many more!