Offshore Wind Farm – Worldwide OSV and Wind Segments Experience – Offshore Management


We are a well-established Management company with a solid track record in the OSV and Offshore Wind/Renewable Energy segments. With worldwide experience, global presence & top-class management of the day-to-day operation, we have become the preferred supplier of Offshore Management solutions. As a company, we are well experienced within Global Wind Organization standards with regard to our continuous years of working with training, courses, and operations.

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OSM Offshore Wind Farm – W2W, OSV and Wind, WTIV, CTV (Crew Transfer Vessels), DP

Our Strengths in Offshore Wind

  • Walk to Work – we have great experience within W2W
  • OSM is delivering full technical management for ~ 30 SOVs at the moment. This includes crew management, catering, dry-docking with planning and execution, as well as special projects including conversions and new building. We deliver these services to a wide range of vessel types, however, the larges tonnage is Offshore related also including SOVs and wind operations.
  • Wind Turbine Installation vessel – WTIV
  • Crew Transfer Vessels – CTV
  • DP Experience – ~ 30 Active & ~40 + Historic on Technical Management
Best Company for Offshore Wind Farm Management/Services – OSM Maritime

Service Highlights

  • Technical Management
  • Foundations, cables, and WTG installation
  • Installation vessels
  • Installation equipment
  • Operations base set up
  • Communications set up
  • Design and fabrication of offshore structures
  • Client Representative
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Cost & Planning
  • Logistics
  • Commissioning
  • Vessel Safety and Maritime safety
  • Vessel inspection
  • Harbours and preassembly
  • Marine Coordination
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Crew Management
  • Close communication with owner & charterer