Ship Recycling: OSM Maritime is a Ship Recycler offering Solutions that Protect the Environment


In OSM, we care about the environment, and through our processes, policies, and ethics we make sure that we always take initiatives towards this goal but at the same time, we are always compliant with the regulations. OSM implements processes and policies regarding corporate sustainability and is a member of the United Nation’s Global Compact that supports Sustainability.

All the vessels after they are released from service, must not trigger risks to human health, safety, and the environment. Green ship recycling reduces the amount of waste and also keeps the waste materials from shipbreaking away from the beaches in order to guard the environment and avoid any harmful impact. OSM can manage the recycling of your ship, where virtually nothing goes to waste. The materials and equipment are almost entirely reused. Steel can be reprocessed. Ships' generators are reused ashore. Batteries find their way into the local economy. Hydrocarbons on board become reclaimed oil products to be used as fuel in rolling mills or brick kilns. Light fittings find further use on land.

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OSM (Green) Ship Recycling Services

Green Recycling Highlights

  • Contract for ship recycling
  • Clear overview of Regulations in force
  • Ship recycling facility assessment (EU/Non-EU)
  • Review of Ship recycling facility plans (SRFP)
  • Ship recycling plan (SRP) development
  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials
  • SRP approval process
  • Final survey before the start of recycling
  • Reporting and Statement of Completion (SoC)
Hazmat Lite –Hazardous Materials Knowledge, IHM Preparation- Reporting – Maintenance


  • Knowledge of relevant legislation
  • IHM preparation for new buildings
  • IHM preparation methodology for ships in operation
  • Hazardous materials knowledge
  • Theory of sampling and how to get samples analyzed
  • IHM reporting and RO approval
  • IHM maintenance