OSM Ship Management is Energy Efficient. We ensure Energy Efficiency for you Vessel


We work hard to ensure that all vessels under OSM management is energy efficient. This includes everything from power needed for propulsion, energy utilization in port, and daily activities on board at sea.

Energy efficiency is closely related to green house gas emission, and with crew and managers who have competence and focus on operating vessel efficiently – we ensure that vessels under OSM management is contributing to the overall goal of reducing the CO2-emission.

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Ship Energy Efficiency Performance Management

Performance Management

Vessel description:

All vessels are unique – baseline and target is individual

Monitoring and Management

Data gathering and analysis is only first steps – improving performance happens on board

 Stronger decisions

Ripple effects from a large fleet continuously increases our know-how on improving fuel efficiency




  • Data gathering platforms
    • In-house online daily reporting system
    • Landing site for auto-collected data
    • EU MRV compliance
    • IMO DCS compliance
    • Dashboards and analysis reports on demand
  • Hull performance optimization
    • Anti-fouling performance trend
    • Voyage Monitoring
    • Reactive actions
  • Speed and consumption tables and calculator (for voyage estimates and vessel desc.)
  • Engine Report
    • Performance monitoring
    • Lube oil monitoring
  • Daily monitoring of auxiliary- and boiler fuel consumption reports
  • MARPOL-monitoring (bilge and sludge)
  • Environment Reporting (ESG, Poseidon, IMO-regulations etc.)