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Maritime Insurance & Claim Handling

The Insurance team at OSM presents competitive maritime insurance service solutions, combined with high-quality insurance claims management services.

At OSM we understand risks and support our clients in turning challenges and uncertainties into opportunities. In keeping an eye for new opportunities and developments in the horizon, together with the added values and scale of the OSM Maritime Group contributes with, marks that vision and ambition.

The team members have different backgrounds and experiences, from risk management, legal, crew, and purchasing, which strengthen the maritime insurance services and the solutions we find together.

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Marine Covers of OSM Maritime Crew Insurance, Ship Insurance and Claim Handling

Maritime Insurance

OSM Maritime Insurance Services provides competitive insurance and risk management service solutions for clients:

  • Hull & Machinery (H&M)
  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
  • War
  • Hull Interest
  • Loss of Hire
  • Extended Loss of Hire
  • Defence
  • Crew P&I Cover
  • Delay in Delivery/Non Delivery
  • Cyber Risk
  • The OSM Pension Fund (PF)
  • Other Insurances
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Marine Crew Insurance Solutions – Insurance Packages, OSM Pension Fund

Crew Solutions

Our company’s vision was and always will be to establish a long-term partnership with our valued customers. Our mission is to provide the best service possible to our seafarers; our slogan ‘it’s all about people’ emphasizes our dedication to the human factor by focusing on the well-being of our crew, not only when on-board but also when at home, this also extends and includes family members.

We at OSM strongly believe our greatest asset is our employees at sea and onshore. We take great pride in striving to offer them the best crew insurance packages together with the OSM Pension Fund keeping the retention rate of the crew at a high level. Our main priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. We are dedicated to ensuring that both clients and seafarers are happy and satisfied.

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Marine Crew P&I and Extended Marine Insurance Coverage and Claim Handling Management

Crew P&I and Extended Covers

  • Claims handling by OSM
  • Incident Management
  • Lumpsum fee covering all
  • Lumpsum fee covering all
  • Zero deductibles (Crew Onboard)
  • Reducing owner’s cover requirements under vessel P&I
  • Access to private medical for seafarer and immediate family
  • Peace of mind for seafarer
  • Cover up to USD 1M per incident (per family member)
  • All crew claims on OSM record
  • Crew Retention
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OSM Pension Fund has been established to provide the crew with retirement funds on top of any CBA-regulated fund.

The OSM Pension Fund

OSM Pension Fund has been established to provide the crew with retirement funds on top of any CBA-regulated fund. OSM Pension fund is managed by Storebrand, a leading insurance company in the Nordic market for long-term savings. The OSM Pension Fund has been established as a separate entity from OSM and is run by independent Trustees in Guernsey (Interben Trustees Limited) who are responsible for safeguarding the financial interests of the OSM seafarers. Interben Trustees Limited is part of the Storebrand Group. Storebrand being the administrator keeps records of each member’s retirement account and credit each account with contributions and annual interest. An employee becomes a member of the Fund when his/her first contribution is paid by OSM; eligibility of membership of the Fund is to be stated onto the Seafarer’s Employment Contract.

  • Provides accredited international saving plan
  • Safety for the elderly years
  • Crew welfare benefit – enables commitment and confidence to OSM
  • Insurance for seafarer’s family
  • Wage Cost can be maintained at a low level
  • Support Retention of key staff
  • Part of the CSR
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It's all about people

Our values are the cornerstones of our daily work. Every decision and face-to-face meeting with people around the world should reflect OSM Maritime values.