osm accounting outsourcing services

Accounting Outsourcing Services

With our level of expertise in accounting and finance, you can reduce accounting costs, by outsourcing the function to OSM, your third-party accounting partner.

OSM currently provides accounting services to numerous customers (100+ Companies, 400+ vessels) benefited by cost reduction in accounting, and has teams with accounting experts who can be dedicated to your company, without the need to worry about continuity or administration issues. In addition to ship accounting, we offer additional services such as financial statements preparations, monthly reporting, reconciliations, and consolidation.

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OSM accounting services

Accounting Services Included

☑️ Corporate accounting. Full set of accounts prepared in any jurisdiction.
☑️ Vessel accounting. Performance reports monthly.
☑️ Invoice handling and payments.
☑️ Outgoing invoices, customer invoices collection.
☑️ Accounting and finance controlling (variance analysis)
☑️ Consolidation

osm third party accounting services

Why to Outsource your Accounting activities to OSM

☑️ Take advantage of our existing team, which is well trained and qualified. We can offer the services from different locations.
☑️ Tailor-made. You can select to outsource all the accounting functions from invoice handling and payments up to consolidation.
☑️ Confidentiality is ensured.
☑️ Cost and performance efficiency.
☑️ Focus on core business while we take care of accounting functions.
☑️ Redundancy. A pool of resources that can be quickly be mobilized to attend to your needs, either you scale up or you scale down.

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