OSM value added service offerings expand through OSERV

OSM Managing Director for OSERV Peter Schellenberger speaks on digital solutions and what to expect in the future.

Meet Mr. OSERV

The Managing Director for OSERV uses service oriented mindset to achieve ambitious goals in his new role.

“You could probably call me a dinosaur when it comes to describing my experience in and with Asia,” says Peter Schellenberger with a smile when being asked to describe some key elements of his professional experience.

28 years in various places and responsibilities with stations such as Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia have certainly shaped the German globetrotter who joined OSM to head the OSERV division in October this year.

“I joined the Marine industry about ten years ago when I took over the helm at HMS Singapore,” says Peter.

Having worked with ship chandling for several years, Peter changed “sides” in 2014 and joined a shipping company in Singapore, where he focused on supply chain and logistics and procurement management, amongst other things.


Value-added services

As Managing Director for OSERV in OSM Maritime Group, Peter is very much aware of the privileges and challenges connected to developing this relatively new established service.

OSERV is, in short, OSM’s concept for marketing their value-added services. OSM provides a variety of services and resources that optimize ship operations, like services for procurement, catering management, cyber security vessel protection service, voyage optimization, auditing, PMS support, dry dock support, surveys, site teams and more.


Introducing new platform

An initiative that is designed to help meet OSERV’s ambitious goals is the implementation of Supplier to Ship (S2S) – a software/technical solution that will facilitate and improve the procurement process from catalogue and product order through digitally processing, shipment and delivery on board. The platform is scheduled for implementation and launch in early 2018.

“S2S is a more automated way of dealing with sellers, contracts and catalogues. I like to call it a digital transaction platform – it enables the user to send transactions to S2S’s paying and non-paying suppliers. Another benefit is that S2S can be integrated with most of our existing systems like Eyeshare, TM Master, Amos and Star,” explains Peter and continues:

“Many interested future potential consortia partners have expressed strong interest to join such a catalytic tool. I believe S2S is a major step towards purchasing automation, continuous benchmarking, tender price processing, key port comparison and global contract enabling.”


Solid and strong

Peter Schellenberger is a firm believer in continuous improvement by systematic approach. A top priority in his new role with OSM is strengthening existing services and systems:

“Our focus is on providing even more solid purchasing and logistics services. First for our own fleets, by categorizing our business and covering all important aspects of procurement with the right competitive contracts while making internal systems stronger. Secondly, OSERV aims to act as a consolidator for contracts and leverage purchasing power for interested third parties. Internally OSERV will develop services around the maritime scope that enable the vessel managers to choose from best in class and competitive solutions.”

Peter looks forward to the opportunities to transform existing structures and create new business fields with new colleagues in OSM.

“I like to build things up and see them grow with the help of a dedicated team that is happy to learn and adapt and take over responsibilities. Together we are strong and I’m ready to start the journey!”



Facts about OSERV:

  • OSERV is short for OSM Maritime Group Services.
  • Include all OSM’s value-added services grouped into in the following main categories: Supply Chain Management, Operational Optimization, Onsite Asset Care & Asset Risk Management.