OSM Self Care
Positivity in Times of Uncertainty

By Didoy Lubaton MD

Dr Didoy, can you advise us on how to lessen our fears and have a positive outlook in life during this trying times?

Anonymous User

Gratefulness helps a lot. I choose to see what I still have than what I don’t have. I remember the past trials I had, and how it all molded me to become a wiser & stronger person. Appreciate the the littlest things to the big ones. I realize that my blessing list is still so much more than my burden list. I do gratitude pauses many times a day and just be there cherishing the feeling. A simple breath of thanksgiving amplifies your emotion of being positive.

Live one day at a time.  When the past is done and the future is uncertain, we only have the present to focus on. To cherish every breath, sight, sound, and feeling. Make your day meaningful, productive, and fruitful as much as you can. Learn to accept that yes we have good days but also bad days too. What helps is that we have new mornings each day. And every day is an opportunity to make it better. I trust that it will turn out for good, one step at a time.

Stay Connected. Family, friends, mentors, colleagues, close relationships, spiritual community are nourishing to me. I choose to initiate conversations with them, just to listen and also be listened to. No drama, no politics, no agenda, no negativity. Just connecting as much as possible. Relationships give life to me, and gives me a more hopeful attitude. A simple guide to discern who are nourishing to you: Is hanging around with the person helps me or hurts me?

Create value for people. Serve and be there for them especially when they need it the most. My belief is when I help someone, I get to help myself too. In giving is when we receive. We try to make the world a better (not bitter) place one person at a time. Think of someone that you can serve today. To push it further, try to be kind to someone you do not know. The Law of Reciprocity says that the good you give will be given to you. Especially in the most unexpected ways.

I hope these helps!

Dr Didoy Lubaton is a Holistic Doctor that looks into the physical health and positive well-being of a person. He is the Medical Director for Holistic Care of Nordic Medical Clinic for international seafarers based in Manila, Philippines.