OSM People launches digital employment platform

With the recent launch of their new digital platform, OSM People is ready to create professional connections.


OSM People hopes to create connections with the launch of their new digital platform in the new year.

“It’s almost like dating online,” says Eirik Steen Nøding in OSM People, while explaining how the new platform will facilitate a professional rendez-vous between personnel and clients.

The platform, officially launched in February 2018, aims at creating a digital environment where clients and contractors can meet.

“The idea is that companies can meet with candidates based on certain selection criteria. OSM’s role is to facilitate the meetings and take care of the people. We take the employer responsibility very seriously,” says Eirik.


Same DNA, different scope

OSM People aims at creating flexible HR solutions for customers within the maritime industry; including segments like oil and gas, offshore wind, ship building, aquaculture and services to ports and terminals.

OSM People was founded in 2008, with the initial intent  of serving as an in-house recruitment agency. Over the years, the company has provided solutions for clients in need of personnel for shorter or longer contracts. The team of five that currently run OSM People from Denmark and Norway is organizationally placed under OSM Crew Management’s structure within OSM Maritime Group.

OSM’s slogan It’s all about people is quite helpful when it comes to explaining the difference between OSM People and the other companies in the group:

“We share the same DNA as any other OSM company but the scope of our services is the element that makes us different. At OSM People we do not deliver project management, we deliver the project managers,” emphasizes Tue Rossell, Head of OSM People.

OSM People can offer alternative set-ups for customers that are open to other solutions than laying people off in tough times.

“We serve the entire industry, from A to Z. A fitter may just as well work on a ship yard as on board a vessel. We’ve seen a terribly high number of seafarers that were made redundant due to the industry downturn. Why not use this skilled and highly qualified competence in other segments,” is Tue’s rhetorical question. He has the answer as well:

“That’s why we have a strong focus on the whole supply chain.”


Hairy goals

OSM People has been through some significant changes the last year. Eirik has, in close cooperation with Tue, been responsible for revitalizing this somehow secretive member of the OSM family. The focus is still on providing people services to a wide range of customers. The new digital strategy is designed to help boost the market initiatives.

Eirik sees a huge potential for OSM People going forward, partly because of the successful revitalization of the company and partly because of changes in the market situation:

“By using our services, the client can find the right people at the right time. The traditional full-time employment model will continue to be challenged, and there will always be seasonal variations that influence customer’s manning needs,” says Eirik.

Tue and Eirik have high hopes for the OSM People’s decennial anniversary:

“Our 2018 goal is to win Norway!”