OSM Maritime Leaders Academy

At OSM Maritime Leaders Academy (MLA), training is considered a central pillar to our organizational success. The supply of competent seafarers is at the very heart of OSM’s high- quality management system and is key to ensuring the safe and economical operation of today’s vessels.

With our comprehensive knowledge and experience we can cover the entire maritime industry. We use our Internal Training platforms to uphold our commitment to the continuous development of our employee’s knowledge and skills, to ensure that they are highly capable and compliant with necessary regulatory requirements.

We use our state-of-the-art facilities to deliver a range of programmes, not only to give employees the necessary skills and competences required to maintain the safe and efficient operation of modern vessels, but to also help them get the most out of their careers, both onshore and offshore.


The MLA encourages a practical and pragmatic approach to learning. Our courses are created using a competence management approach.

Trainees are encouraged to think about how to exceed customer expectation, OSM offers trainees with interactive programs, blending theory with practical activities, using real-life case studies and hands on training to provide them with the tools and techniques needed for success.

MLA recognizes the importance of effective learning and proper development for producing, competent seafarers. Our training standards ensure that our seafarer can operate customers vessels successfully according to customer requirements and quality standards set forth by international regulations.

COMPETENCE is what matters!

Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

At OSM, we ensure our trainees possess the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the job successfully. We are committed to developing their competencies so that each trainee can greet new environments with calm and confidence.


Since day one, OSM has set high benchmarks to ensure continuous improvement of our people and our processes. OSM’s commitment to continuous improvement of our courses and offerings marks our dedicated approach to knowledge and competence development. OSM is monitoring the industry closely to provide the competencies that enable our teams to perform at the highest level in terms of both technical and safety practices.



MLA offers a wide range of courses aimed at the maritime and offshore industries, like maritime Resource Management and Dynamic Positioning; Training that prepares people for the challenges of the modern maritime industry.


MLA provides training and education at all levels to meet the increasing demands for safety, and to help secure profitability in the search for oil and gas. To do so, we have designed a hands-on learning environment that is second to none.


MLA focuses on developing essential soft skills and required behaviors to improve performance, safety and communication in the workplace, from leadership to cross- cultural teamwork.


OSM MLA improves safety and security to prevent costly accidents by preparing people for real life situations and developing their safety awareness. Training is based on both updated real-life experience and the accepted industry standards.


CMS is a systematic approach to assess and enhance the competencies of the seafarer based on customer standards. This program is the overall structure in developing, implementing and controlling the customer’s Competence Management System for seafarers. It is designed to enhance and continually improve the level of competency and performance of seafarers on a high standard as per industry standard and best practices.


We commit on providing the highest standard of DP training and technical services for the offshore and marine industries. Through our DP center we offer one of the best Induction and Simulator courses for DP operation available in the market.


OSM’s Modern Full Mission Bridge Simulator is capable to replicate realistic and practical training scenarios in a safe learning environment. It is equipped with complete controls and functions necessary to train navigators for ship handling and tankers operation. Our simulator can tailor various vessel types and scenarios, optimizing the functionalities in enhancing technical competence.


Trainees benefit from the fully equipped and ergonomically designed facility to provide engineering simulator exercises, from the very basics up to the most advanced levels. It allows OSM to offer Resource Management and Integrated System Training to our client that is second to none.


Our Learning Management System platform, iLearn provides the capability to manage and administer e- learning modules that supplements the training activities of the seafarers. iLearn’ s real time reporting is a flexible and scalable system which is cost effective in delivering competence training and assessment tracking that is available at anytime and anywhere.