OSM introduces cloud-based training solution iLearn

How OSM’s focus on People&Technology impacts our sustainable growth.

Since its early years, OSM has taken an assured approach towards digitalization. Recently launched cloud-based learning management system, iLearn, is one among many digital initiatives across the Group.  OSM’s evolving experience with technology has streamlined processes, enhanced operational performance and increased efficiency. 

A great example of this innovative culture – in line with the Group’s 2018 focus area named People &Technology, is the development of OSM’s learning management system, iLearn.

Easily accessed from ilearn.osm.no, it serves as an enhanced online training platform for OSM’s global pool of seafarers.  Designed with a learner-centric experience at its core, iLearn is mobile friendly and available in offline mode – enabling access anywhere, anytime.

Denis Pavlenko, 4th Engineer on board the Viking Sea, perfectly summarizes the importance of continous learning: “There’s no limit for perfection. Our crucial aim, as seafarers, is to be always up-to-date and constantly synthesize our knowledges and practice to ensure our best efficiency and output all over the fleet.”

Through iLearn, OSM seafarers can download learnings moving at their own pace through content, learn from others in the OSM Learning Community, engage with teammates in Virtual Classrooms, and gain easy access to the support tools they need.


A whole new level

Digital innovations are driving development opportunities faster than ever – iLearn, has brought OSM’s corporate learning strategy to a whole new level.

“iLearn is so far the best addition to our innovations in shaping the future competence of seafarers,” says OSM’s Training Operations Manager Burt Sabay.

As a company built on people and systems, OSM has invested in cutting-edge technology and leveraged digital to provide employees the tools and resources needed to operate more sustainably.

Through the combination of the right conventional economic tools and strong digital growth strategies – digitalization can go a long way in supporting sustainable growth.

“We at OSM are committed to provide our employees access to learning opportunities anytime, anywhere.  In this fast-paced world overloaded with information, we should be able to provide our seafarers access to bite size learning that is practical and relevant to the task at hand as and when they need it.  The iLearn platform, as part of our blended approach to learning, provides one of the tools that allow OSM to provide competent seafarers with the specialized skills our customers need,” says OSM Director of HSEQ & Training, Adrien Luntao.


Optimization through technology

Any company can implement a sustainable way of growing their business, but it’s only effective when it’s tailored to the business’ operations. iLearn has been fully customized to drive employee growth by supporting a learning culture and is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

“Training management goes hand in hand with the results of our customers, well trained employees produce strong results – and that is something we know from experience,” Luntao notes.

iLearn is the latest launch in a series of innovative tools launched by OSM the last 12 months. Other examples that documents OSM’s efforts to empower their people by use of smart technology is the My OSM app for seafarers, launched in March 2018 and the Singapore based Maritime Operations Center which will enhance capabilities in true 24/7 fleet support through data management & reporting, descriptive analytics, and predictive model optimization, to mention a few of the capabilities.

“OSM is focused on harnessing innovative technology and solutions to optimize processes and deliver benefits, and competitive advantages, for our people, business and customers. We’ll continue to develop further functionalities to our existing tools, while also engaging in new digital solutions, to continue driving improved efficiency and performance throughout the organization,” concludes OSM’s CEO Geir Sekkesaeter.