OSM Crew Repatriation

COVID-19 has thrown unprecedented challenges to the shipping industry but among the multitude of challenges, crew change has proved to be the most challenging, in terms of restrictive government policies, lack of crew repatriation visa, unavailability of flights, quarantine regulations and numerous other travel restrictions.

In spite of these challenges, our newly established Layup Project and Service Management Team has managed to repatriated 18 of our seafarers from the layup site in Labuan via a chartered flight. The team had to navigate through a host of international and local regulatory requirements, coordinating with half a dozen stakeholders and yet keeping the morale of the crew up; all with patience, persistence and professionalism with a single point focus “Crew Repatriation”

In the end, it is all worth it, just the sight of 18 smiles passing through airport security makes us more resolved to keep making efforts and ensure all our seafarers reach back home safely. At OSM and all its affiliated companies “Its All About People” is not a tag line, it is what we believe in…

To the rest of our fellow seafarers hang in there, we will get you back home…. Very Soon!!

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