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In OSM Maritime, "It's all about people". Our main target is to take care of our main asset, our people, and then our people will take care of our customer's assets. This is what makes OSM unique!

To enhance our Crew Management activities, OSM has an up-to-date pool of qualified Maritime and Offshore Crew. With this candidate pool of over 65,000 seafarers of all the nationalities and ranks and ownership of more than 12 manning offices around the world, we can be your vessels’ suppliers of skilful and competent, temporary or permanent crew. OSM maintains manning offices in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, India, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

Together with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, OSM is ready to support your business on specialist recruitment needs. Our global recruitment team has experience across all types of vessels and offshore units. OSMs recruitment services enable access to the right people with the right expertise.

Currently, OSM is a proud employer of more than 17,000 people of 70+ nationalities. Crew Management with OSM is easy!

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OSM Crew Management

What does OSM Crew Management include?

OSM undertakes to provide robust and transparent solutions for all Crew Management services. We utilize our volume to offer competitive solutions but at the same time, we are flexible to customize the deliverables to suit customers’ needs whether that be with a full Crew Management solution, agency solution or ad-hoc crewing. OSM’s one-stop-shop provides customized solutions for manning needs by offering the following services:

• Crew Selection And Employment
• Planning and Career Development Programs
• Cadet Programs
• Payroll And Tax Management
• Cost Control
• Vessel Accounting
• Day-To-Day Welfare
• Crew Training And Development
• Performance Mentoring and Monitoring
• Transparent Crew Management Software
• Insurance And Health Schemes
• Travel Arrangements
• Efficient Crew Change Solutions
• EBN Services
• Medical Services
• Pension Fund
• Complete Catering Solutions
• Telemedicine Services providing 24/7 support

Whether you need temporary crew, project personnel, ad-hoc crew, or manpower solutions OSM can meet all your crewing requirements.

Permanent and Temporary Employment Services

OSM sources and provides a competent Crew to the global maritime, offshore, and renewable industries. OSM can handle all or in part – recruitment, employment, and payroll services for Crew all over the world. Whether you need Permanent or Temporary Crew Management, Project Personnel, Ad-hoc Crew, or Manpower solutions, OSM can meet all your crewing requirements. Contact OSM to learn more about the Permanent and Temporary Employment Services today.

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Maritime Crew Competence and Training Management

Crew Training and Development

As part of OSM’s crew management, we have adopted the competence management approach as a key differentiator to ensure the continuous training and development of our seafarers.

In this philosophy, we first establish the knowledge, skill and behavioural requirements for a specific position and then engage the seafarers in a continuous cycle of assessment, training and reassessment. This structured training and development process is offered to cadets all the way to Master or Chief Engineer. OSM’s continuous learning cycle will amplify the career development of our seafarers and guarantee operational excellence of our customers’ vessels.

OSM’s training and development team has a full array of training interventions available from key subject matter experts globally. We provide shore-based courses using state of the art simulators, e-learning modules on iLearn that is available anytime, anywhere and an on board training (OBT) programme designed to address specific training needs on each vessel.

Marine Crew P&I and Extended Insurance Covers and Claim Handling Management

Crew P&I and Extended Covers | Pension Fund

  • Crew P&I and Extended Covers: OSM feels it is important to provide an increased level of security for crew and their families. By facilitating all claims handling in-house, OSM removes this burden from our customers and additionally absorb all statistics.
  • Pension Fund: The OSM Provident Fund has been established by OSM to provide seafarers with retirement, disability, and death benefits. The Fund has been established as a separate entity from OSM and undertakes to provide financial security.
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What is unique about Crew Management in OSM?

The unique factor is that we have a single point of contact for our customers (PIC or Person In Charge) who will manage all requests internally and provide operational efficiency. Our PICs are versatile and undergo extensive training to be capable to provide solutions for operational, financial and extraordinary or even unconventional requirements. In OSM, our people are our number one asset and we are all about people!