Meet Captain Jose Fonseca

Born and raised in Boquete, the highlands of Chiriqui province in Western Panama, Captain Jose Fonseca came from a family with seafaring history. So it is no surprise that he ended up working out at sea. Jose attended the Maritime Academy in Panama from 1999 – 2004. His  seafaring career started onboard a cargo vessel sailing from Central America to Europe as a 3rd Officer, later shifting to passenger ships in 2008. Jose then earned his Master’s License in 2011.

Jose has been with Salen Ship Management since September 2013 starting as a Safety Officer onboard Island Sky. In 2015, he was promoted to Chief Officer. His career reached to the next level in January 2019, where he was promoted Captain of Island Sky!

Aside from exploring remote and unique destinations, Captain Jose also enjoys the welcoming atmosphere of expedition vessels, friendly  crew and guests onboard and the flexibility built into each fascinating itinerary. The stunning South Pacific along with the vibrant Caribbean are among his favorite destinations. As an Ice Master, the opportunity to captain the ship through the Great White Continent – Antarctic, and through the breathtaking Chilean fjords are also his cruises highlights. Captain Jose Fonseca has established an incredible career at sea with many years to come. When asked what was his advice to seafarers pioneering a career at sea he stated: 

“Life at sea is not for everyone. It is not easy to be away from family and friends for months, so as the long work hours and hectic life onboard. My advice for those aspiring seafarers to really find out what their motivations and priorities are. Choosing to work at sea must be your passion and dream. They must be brave enough to venture out beyond their comfort zone, be curious enough to find challenges and be restless enough to constantly explore and experiences new places, new approaches to work and life.

The most important lesson that I learned during my career is that it is all about good teamwork. It is teamwork that binds everything in the ship together. Running a ship is not a ‘one-man-show’ but a team effort. What makes a ship not only a workplace but a second home too, is when the whole crew is a team helping one another and working together for the benefit of all.”

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