Lauritzen Kosan’s Officers Training and Seminar

As an expression of Lauritzen Kosan’s strong commitment in the development of its Officers, it had just concluded its 5-day Officers Training and Seminar in Manila, Philippines.

The first couple of days were devoted to Sertica and Gas Tech Training while the Officers Seminar kicked off the third day with a teambuilding activity.  Here, the Officers learned to continuously exceed current performance & identify weak signals, human development and leadership levels as well as on setting-up SMART goals.  Workshops on commercial, HSSEQ/ Vetting and Technical and achieving operational excellence covered the remainder of the seminar days.

It was also very pleasant to hear, during the update of LK SVP Claus Graugard, that fleet performance has improved and is moving in the right direction!  This is a testimony of the close cooperation and partnership between LK and OSM in bringing out the best in its people.  

The next LK Officers Seminar is scheduled on November 2019.