Cook | New Zealand


George Nikolaou  

We are looking for a cook with experience from Cruise/Yacht industry.

Relevant background and experience is a must and experience onboard Yachts is considered a benefit.

Contribution and aim

The Chief Cook shall contribute to:
  • Enhance safety and environmental awareness within his department
  • Create a positive working attitude and atmosphere within his department
  • Good cooperation and coordination between all departments.
  • The Chief Cook shall aim to:
  • Carry out work tasks based on relevant procedures and routines.
  • Execute all work tasks in compliance with work- and safety-procedures.
  • Maintain a high cleanliness standard in the rooms he/she is responsible for.
  • Get a sufficient understanding of the BMSs manuals and procedures, as relevant for his position.


  • The Chief Cook is responsible for the Catering department and shall motivate and follow up fellow workers and care for the welfare onboard.
  • Participate in drills according to Muster List.
  • Keep account of Charterer’s meals according to the standard set forth by the owner.
  • Present a report of all supplies he/she is responsible for in due time prior to custom clearances to the OIM.
  • Keep the diary for the catering and to have it countersigned by the OIM at regular intervals.
  • Prepare and supervise preparation of food, including serving and presentation of food in the mess room.
  • Prepare and present the meals with special attention to variety of food, food value and cost.
  • Inquire if any onboard has special food requirements.
  • The Chief Cook is responsible for the hygiene onboard and in particular the galley area.
  • Establish routines for changing, cleaning and caring of linen and to have the routines approved by the OIM.
  • At regular intervals, check linen for tear and wear and order replacements if required.
  • On behalf of the OIM, carry out inspections of cleaning in client cabins if onboard.
  • Prepare requisitions and purchase orders for mess gear and supplies and have them approved by the OIM according to the purchasing procedures.
  • Verify that all supplies delivered onboard are of the ordered quality and amount. Also to refuse supplies not found to be according to the agreed quality. All received supplies shall be stored properly and marked to clearly separate if from older supplies in the storage place.
  • Keep a meal account (persons on board and extra meals) and forward this to OSM Offshore on a monthly basis.
  • Prepare a budget proposal for linen and equipment for the Catering department in due time prior to a new cost year.
  • The Cook signing off, shall prepare a Hand-over note for the joining Chief Cook at each crew-change.


  • No special authority outside his department.

What we offer

  • An attractive package is offered according to qualifications and experience.