Able Body Seaman | New Zealand


George Nikolaou  

For a known actor in worldwide cruises we are now looking for experienced AB for unique career opportunities in the cruise industry.


  • Carry out work and operational tasks based on experienced seamanship, as ordered by superiors.
  • Execute all work tasks in compliance with work- and safety-procedures.
  • Maintain a high maintenance and cleanliness standard on deck.
  • Get a sufficient understanding of the BMSs manuals and procedures, as relevant for his position.


  • Excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written
  • Deep understanding of navigational safety and environmental awareness
  • Strong focus on ships safety management
  • Understanding basic principal of Bridge Resource Management
  • Relevant background and experience is a must and experience onboard Yachts is considered a benefit.


  • Perform watches and carry out maintenance and other operational work as instructed.
  • Follow up own and fellow crew members safety including use of proper PPE.
  • Proper execution of maintenance and work around the entire vessel as part of a multipurpose crew.
  • Safe handling of all tools and equipment used onboard.
  • The welfare of Clients and fellow crew members.
  • Keep the Vessel Management updated on any Non-conformity and Near Misses observed or experienced.
  • Take part in loading, discharge and stand by operations and other work in conjunction to the vessel’s operation.
  • Acquire appropriate knowledge about vessels Business Management System (BMS) and familiarize themselves with the vessels emergency procedures and in particular their own assigned duties in that respect.
  • Special duties:
  • Shall make sure that all written and verbal orders given are understood and complied with.
  • Shall participate in safety meetings and preparedness drills on board.
  • Shall be familiar with BMS and all relevant work and safety procedures given out by the Company and by the charterer (if any) and contribute to the implementation of these.
  • Contribute to emergency organization according to Muster List.


  • Enhance safety and environmental awareness within his department
  • Create a positive working attitude and atmosphere within his department
  • Good cooperation and coordination between all departments.