Holistic Health on board

OSERV Catering with support from our Doctors at the Nordic Medical Clinic embark on a holistic campaign to improve the health and wellness of our crew on board a ship.


Our guiding principles for Healthy Nutritious Food 

  • Choose real food and avoid processed food
  • Choose whole food over refined food
  • Avoid food with added sugar
  • Choose more Vegetables, Fruits and Grains
  • Consume smaller portions 
  • Consume more Water or natural Tea

OSERV Catering Menu ideas and suggestions for your day.

If you would like to access the OSERV Catering Cookbook click on the link.

Monthly Health Advice: Nutritional Guideline – Benefits of Drinking Water


Our guiding principles for a Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Staying Physically Fit and Active
  • Staying Psychologically Fit and Sharp
  • Holistic Health Education as the primary prescription for a long-term healthy behavior
  • My Body, My Responsibility
  • Toxicity & Deficiency are the main causes of illness, Detoxify and Nourish to heal from it
  • Wholeness, Not Just Wellness

If you would like to access the Nordic Medical Clinic’s “Holistic Health Book for Seafarers” click on the link.


Nordic Medical Clinic AIDE

“NMC AIDE” stands for Nordic Medical Clinic ASSISTANCE for INJURIESDISEASE, and EMERGENCIES. NMC AIDE is not just limited to physical illness, professional help can also be given for mental health concerns of the crew. It is Telemedical advice given anytime, anywhere around the world.

How to use the NMC AIDE? Click to view or download the PDF file.


Setting your Health Goals

Most often, people fail to attain their health goals, not because they lack effort, but because they lack the structure in setting them. Read our pdf file on how to set your Health Goals