Donsö Shipping Meet 2019 (DSM19)


Come meet us at this years DSM exhibition in Donsö, Sweden!


Donsö Shipping Meet aims to elevate Swedish shipping in the international arena, to be a rewarding and productive event for all involved, and to serve its time-honored role as a meeting point for the entire maritime cluster. We want to offer all participants a more intimate event, where meeting new contacts and making connections is prioritized. We strive for all to feel welcomed and taken care of. Our mission is to create a fantastic environment for all participants to network with customers, clients and colleagues, and to support exhibitors and shipping companies in doing business.


Welcome to Donsö, let’s meet!

DSM is a trade fair and not open to the public. Make your registration before arrival;


OSM Leaders attending the event:

Tommy Olofsen
Chief Commercial Officer & Deputy CEO View Profile in LinkedIn
Jens Frodesen
Marine Manager View Profile in LinkedIn