COVID-19 Updates

08:30 March 27th 2020

Team Builders

One of our values in OSM is “Team Builders”. Especially in an unprecedented situation like now, building teams with our crew and with our customers have become even more important. The travel of our seafarers remains largely impacted by the effects or closed borders around the globe to buy time for the health systems and save lives. 

We fully support the critical and important measures to slow the spread of the pandemic. These actions have a significant social and economic impact to our societies, and we are all hopeful that they will help to overcome this humanitarian crisis. 

Extensive movement restrictions also mean a large impact to our seafarers and their families at home and on board. We are grateful to each one of them for their patience and understanding. Nevertheless, we are very conscious about the sorrows which our people may have. We have therefore increased the capacity and scope of our professional medical and mental helplines significantly. At the same time, we have initiated interactive live events on social media with the families of our seafarers.  We are taking the wellbeing of our people very seriously and remain committed to providing them with best possible support. 

OSM Maritime remains fully operational from hundreds of private offices which our people have set up at their homes. As true team builders beyond physical locations and company limits, our people keep communicating and collaborating closely. Without the remarkable support of their families, we would not be able to keep doing what we are committed to: helping our customers in keeping global maritime and offshore supply chains going, with safe operations. 

Especially in these exceptional circumstances, we are very thankful to various governmental agencies, regulators, industry associations and other partners around the globe for the constructive dialogues and for the assistance we receive. 

We would like to reassure all our customers that we are here to help and support – professionally and with confidence that we will overcome this global humanitarian challenge together.

10:04 Wednesday March 18th 2020

We know that our crew, customers, partners, suppliers and families are following the COVID-19 developments closely and recognize the extraordinary global pandemic situation. It is changing continuously, and it is highly dynamic. We hope the measures now being put in place around the globe will help to save lives and avoid a further spread. The safety, wellbeing and health of all our people on board and ashore, our customers and our partners are our prime concern.

Unfortunately, this situation means that some of our seafarers who had either planned to return home to see their loved ones cannot now do so and others cannot commute to work.  Whilst we are keeping our customers updated continuously, we would like to share the latest measures we have taken, based on best practice guidance from WHO and health experts:


  • We have implemented “work from home” (WFH) for all offices. Anyone must only come to the office if there is a business-critical need, for example in case of incident response. 
  • We are implementing this arrangement in order to reduce social exposure and mitigate the risk for our people. Latest expert advice encourages physical social distancing in an effort to reduce the speed by which the virus spreads. 
  • We have developed work from home guidelines for our employees which cover practical aspects such as ensuring a good flow of information as well as social and mental health elements. 


  • Many countries have closed their borders or are enforcing other restrictions which are now impacting free movement in the immediate future. Therefore, we are unable to execute all crew changes as planned in most operational areas.
  • So, for the time being we are asking crew to remain on board due to this unprecedented situation. This is a decision we have taken with the maximum consideration for the health and well-being of all concerned.
  • Regional conditions and circumstances may vary, and we are taking care of specific considerations.
  • We have established additional administrative and medical (incl. mental health) helplines for our crew.
  • We are taking the necessary preparations to resume crew changes as soon as practical.

We recognize the importance of good communication, flexibility and adaptability during these unprecedented circumstances. Therefore, we have strengthened our communication efforts with all stakeholders. We would like to assure all our customers that we are here to help and support – professionally and with confidence that we will overcome this global humanitarian challenge together. We are taking the situation very seriously and are committed to ensuring continued safe operations.