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OSM Maritime Group have worked for decades delivering industry recognized training programs to seafarers within the maritime industry. We ensure that our trainees possess the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the job successfully. We are committed to developing their competencies so that each trainee can greet new environments with clam and confidence.



OSM has set high standards to ensure continuous improvement of our people and our processes. OSM’s commitment to continuous improvement of our courses and offerings marks our dedicated approach to knowledge and competence development. OSM is monitoring the industry closely to provide the competencies that will enable our teams to perform at highest level in terms of both technical and safety practices.


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At OSM Aviation, our belief is that ‘It’s all about the people’, and we embrace diversity. We are focused on finding people who are true customer service professionals and entrepreneurs . We like to disrupt the aviation industry creating new business and opportunities.

To become a Cabin Crew with OSM Aviation you’ll need to have people at the heart of everything you do. Taking care of the passengers will be your passion; and you’ll thrive on doing the very best on each flight, at any time – day and night.

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This is not a job where you can get bored! Thanks to huge global expansion our clients offer endless travelling opportunities; there are new destinations coming all the time! One day you may be having lunch in Paris, the day after you could be shopping in New York, or taking in the sights of Las Vegas!

The passengers we carry also make the job worthwhile, as everyone that gets on board has a different story. Who knows? Maybe you will be a part of a young couples honeymoon or a another couples first transatlantic flight. Knowing that you have made a difference to their day; made their journey more comfortable, or even becoming a part of that story is very rewarding.

The Recruitment Journey

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Working as Cabin Crew is very rewarding! You get to travel and experience many different cities and cultures, meet a lot of interesting people together with colleagues that soon will become your second family. Now that you know that you want to become Cabin Crew you can start the 'Cabin Crew Recruitment Journey'!

The Cabin Crew Recruitment Journey is divided into three steps: the Application, the Online Tests and the Assessment Day. Here you can read more about what it takes to pass all the needed steps in order to get one step closer to your dream career!

Cabin Crew Training

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As a part of our recruitment process, we offer all of the training you need to become a great Cabin Crew. Do you want to know more about our Cabin Crew training, and what you learn? Please click the button below to read more.


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Registering your candidate profile is incredibly easy. Simply leave your name and email and we’ll send you information about how you can set up your profile.

By registering you will automatically be considered in the future selections, as your application stays valid until you yourself wish to withdraw your open application.

We will match your skills and aspirations with our worldwide client base, allowing you to find the perfect match.