Announcement on Cybersecurity Incident (including 3 June 2020 update)

May 19 2020

Following internal investigations, OSM Maritime Group can confirm that a recent IT-related incident, which was earlier diagnosed as a technical glitch, is linked to an attempted ransomware attack.

As part of efforts to contain, mitigate and recover from the threat, the affected servers were immediately disconnected from OSM Maritime Group’s network and external interfaces.

No data was lost or compromised during the incident.

To prevent recurrence, OSM Maritime Group is enhancing its cybersecurity safeguards as it works to restore full system operability in the coming days.

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3 JUNE 2020

Update on May 2020 cybersecurity incident

An update on the 19 May 2020 announcement: OSM Maritime Group has restored full system operability following an IT-related incident in May 2020 which involved an attempted ransomware attack.

We will press on with ongoing efforts to enhance our cyber resilience to deal with new and evolving cyber threats as they emerge. 

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